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  • "Gary and Petra are excellent teachers and make the CPR process easier to understand."

    ~ Lindsey B., RN

  • "Good DVD presentation and mannequins. I also liked the flexibility of adapting to what we already know."

    ~ Vera L., M.D.

  • "Enjoyed the one on one teaching, instructor participation and open and honest feedback. Really great course, great instructors, will recommend!"

    ~ Lisa D., RN

  • "Gary and Petra offer demonstrations and feedback during practice sessions, nice to have instructors with real life experience and scenarios."

    ~ Kylie C., RN

  • "Gary and Petra take all participants' experience into consideration to improve efficacy/efficiency of training. Instructors were friendly and upbeat."

    ~ Naomi O., RN

  • "I would recommend this course, happy that it came to us (where we live). Very convenient and great for health care providers!"

    ~ Kelly C., RN

  • "I would recommend the course to others as the teachers were very well educated and very patient. Excellent and very friendly!"

    ~ Tenille L., RN

  • "Awesome instructors, very comfortable learning environment. Great course, I would definitely come again."

    ~ Olivia R., EMT-A

  • "Easy to schedule, great location, great instructors, and great class size."

    ~ Nancy J., RN

  • "The course was to the point with adequate practice opportunities, the video added interest, and I loved the hands-on with the AED. I would absolutely recommend the course to others as it was excellent, and the instructors had a great sense of humour."

    ~ Leanne M., RN

  • "The course was clear and concise, the best health care provider course ever. I would definitely recommend the course to others as the instructors were very skilled and experienced with a great sense of humour."

    ~ Eileen D., SORT Clinician

  • "I loved the clicking dummies, the course was comprehensive but the instructors were able to go through it at a good pace."

    ~ Megan S., RN

  • "Because of the professional interactions and experience of the instructors, I would absolutely recommend this course to others. It was well-organized, they kept on track, and the set-up and take-down were well done."

    ~ Brenda L., Professor of Nursing

  • "Very knowledgeable instrutors, the videos were helpful, and there was a lot of hands-on practice."

    ~ Sandy A., Professor of Nursing

  • "Ease of registration process, prompt reply after registration, excellent video, clear instructions and demos, comprehensive course and fun."

    ~ Nona B., RN

  • "Ability to hear real life stories and to discuss variations in techniques over the years. I would absolutely recommend this course to others as the instructors were personable and it was a fun learning environment."

    ~ Pat M.., Instructor BSN Program VIU