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For all your Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada classroom training needs and your Worksite Safety BC online course needs, Island Safety Training has you covered.


If you have any questions about an upcoming event, you can get in touch and we will get back to you promptly.
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  • "Gary and Petra are excellent teachers and make the CPR process easier to understand."

    ~ Lindsey B., RN

  • "Good DVD presentation and mannequins. I also liked the flexibility of adapting to what we already know."

    ~ Vera L., M.D.

  • "Enjoyed the one on one teaching, instructor participation and open and honest feedback. Really great course, great instructors, will recommend!"

    ~ Lisa D., RN

  • "Gary and Petra offer demonstrations and feedback during practice sessions, nice to have instructors with real life experience and scenarios."

    ~ Kylie C., RN

  • "Gary and Petra take all participants' experience into consideration to improve efficacy/efficiency of training. Instructors were friendly and upbeat."

    ~ Naomi O., RN

  • "I would recommend this course, happy that it came to us (where we live). Very convenient and great for health care providers!"

    ~ Kelly C., RN

  • "I would recommend the course to others as the teachers were very well educated and very patient. Excellent and very friendly!"

    ~ Tenille L., RN

  • "Awesome instructors, very comfortable learning environment. Great course, I would definitely come again."

    ~ Olivia R., EMT-A

  • "Easy to schedule, great location, great instructors, and great class size."

    ~ Nancy J., RN

  • "The course was to the point with adequate practice opportunities, the video added interest, and I loved the hands-on with the AED. I would absolutely recommend the course to others as it was excellent, and the instructors had a great sense of humour."

    ~ Leanne M., RN

  • "The course was clear and concise, the best health care provider course ever. I would definitely recommend the course to others as the instructors were very skilled and experienced with a great sense of humour."

    ~ Eileen D., SORT Clinician

  • "I loved the clicking dummies, the course was comprehensive but the instructors were able to go through it at a good pace."

    ~ Megan S., RN

  • "Because of the professional interactions and experience of the instructors, I would absolutely recommend this course to others. It was well-organized, they kept on track, and the set-up and take-down were well done."

    ~ Brenda L., Professor of Nursing

  • "Very knowledgeable instrutors, the videos were helpful, and there was a lot of hands-on practice."

    ~ Sandy A., Professor of Nursing

  • "Ease of registration process, prompt reply after registration, excellent video, clear instructions and demos, comprehensive course and fun."

    ~ Nona B., RN

  • "Ability to hear real life stories and to discuss variations in techniques over the years. I would absolutely recommend this course to others as the instructors were personable and it was a fun learning environment."

    ~ Pat M.., Instructor BSN Program VIU